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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Advantage of Lifelock Company with the Reason To Choose Them


Identity fraud is spreading all over the world, and many people are getting a victim of these fraud activities. Lifelock is an identity theft protection company which was founded in 2005 by Robert J. Maynard and Todd Davis. Lifelock Protection Company helps in protecting the identity of an individual.

They have different membership plans. People can register to any of the plans and start availing the benefits of the company. They even provide few promo codes for LifeLock to consumers. Becoming a member of this organization is a beneficiary thought so that you can live a risk-free life.

Membership Advantages of Lifelock Theft Protection Company

  • They regularly monitor the bank account of their consumer.
  • They maintain the public records of the consumer.
  • They provide a LifeLock monitor tool which helps in reducing the exposure of personal information so that the consumer details get secure.
  • Lifelock patrols many criminal websites through which personal information are sold out on black market websites. So they notify the consumer whenever they find their data.
  • If a consumer lost their wallet, then the LifeLock services help in the cancellation or replacement of their credit cards or important licensed documents.
  • If the company finds any threat they immediately provide identity alert to the consumer through text, phone or email.
  • They provide reimbursement facilities if their consumer becomes a victim of the fraud.
  • They have a support team which provides services 24/7 by identity protection agents.
  • The thieves get details of an individual through pre-approved credit card offers. Thus the LifeLock company helps in removing the name from the mailing lists.
  • They help in restoring the identity which has been lost.
  • The identity of an individual is virtual everywhere. Sometimes the information of an individual is with the insurance companies, with doctors, regular retailers etc. So LifeLock help in providing notification if any such breaches happen.
  • They help the consumer to protect them from being falsely linked to any convictions and arrest by checking out court records.
  • They have a secure online access to the credit report from a major credit bureau so that their consumer can easily check out their credit history details.
  • They notify their consumer when they find any sex offender moves in their zip code.
  • This company helps in monitoring the file sharing network by which they can identify any vulnerability or usage of the personal consumer information.

Why Should An Individual Register In Lifelock?

Every individual should register in this LifeLock identity theft protection company so that they get a secure system for their identity. They can easily receive alerts and warnings through text, phone, and emails if any suspicious activity occurs in your account. Lifelock has well experienced and skilled investigators, lawyers and award-winning staffs.

They also provide a promo code for LifeLock to the consumer so that they can get some discounts. They also provide high rated customer support service which can help an individual anywhere and at any time. They even don not take any penalties for the cancellation of the contract with the company. So the individual can cancel the contract anytime.